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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Teachings of "Fudoshin" translated to mean "The Immovable Mind" is awesome

Via: Executive Budo

In Sanskrit the term ācala means "immovable"; Ācala is also the name of the eighth stage in a ten stage path process to become a 'Bodhisattva' which itself means an "enlightened-being". The picture above is of "FUDO-MYOO" and he is a highly venerated Buddhist figure in Esoteric Buddhism, because Fudō is the symbolic figure who converts anger into salvation. He carries the “kurikara” translated to mean "the devil-subduing sword" in his right hand (representing wisdom cutting through ignorance); and he holds rope in his left hand (to catch and bind up demons). He is often shown with a third eye in his forehead (the all-seeing eye); and is often seated or standing on a platform rock (because Fudō is “immovable” in his faith).

The Buddha was known to have said: "before my Awakening, when I was an unawakened bodhisatta, being subject myself to aging...illness...death...sorrow...defilement, I sought [happiness in] what was likewise subject to illness...death...sorrow...and defilement."


When I'm not immersed in music and popular culture; the philosophy of "FUDOSHIN" also known as the "immovable mind" has been of tremendous insight to me personally as I read more and more about it.

Fudoshin, having an immovable mind, means you do not allow your emotional state to waver. It means having the mental strength to overcome fear, surprise, confusion and doubt. No matter the situation, you are able to maintain a calm state of mind. Peripheral Training promotes development of Fudoshin.


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