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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Conspiracy, MAYBE? Was there an increase in HAARP Activity prior to the Chile Earthquake?

Below is Juan Andres Salfate on the Chilean conspiracy show, La Conspiración, talking about a Government installation facility called HAARP with subtitles in English.

When you watch the news lately one is amazed by how many calamities are being reported' all of them in near succession to each other, and many people like me are beginning to think that the world is becoming a volatile place. But are all of the seismic quakes being caused by natural occurrences in the shifting of the earth's crust? Are any of you aware of a government facility called HAARP (rumored by some, scientifically reported by others to be a weaponized weather machine that is capable of creating calamities?)

At first I was like WTF are these people talking about??? WHY would anyone want to possess such power over the elements? And how controlled is this weapon? Can it pin point on a specific location and wreck havoc? and even if it isn't accurate would it be used by certain powers while it's yet experimental? (even while just questioning myself hypothetically I was pressed to believe that a lot of the answers to those questions may be YES!).

In Breaking News today, Lori Price, Managing Editor of Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) has implied that HARRP could have been involved in Chile's monumental 8.8 earthquake. This concurs with a growing number of scientists and the public's awareness that the HAARP weapon of mass destruction and its geo-engineering capacity is triggering "natural disasters" for imperialist political gain.

To conclude, I'll just leave you with this USGS chart of Worldwide Deadly & Destructive Earthquakes over the past 100 years. The spike in elevated earthquake occurrences corresponds with the invention of HAARP. It may just be a coincidence to some but it's becoming mounting evidence to others.

I do try to examine as many perspectives as I can before telling people of my own ideas. Many people might not like me for saying this, but perhaps they need to wake up to the increased political corruption in our world and stop being so skeptical to other motives. I'm not negating that there aren't natural causes to certain things, but there are many synthetic factors that can be instrumental in weakening fault lines, and this HAARP facility may actually be creating catastrophic ''natural disasters''. If you don't want to take my word for it...then follow this link and it will forward you to a list of 5 other opinions on this subject.

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