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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Download MP3 - "Dot City" by an MC named 'Sep' - Representing Toronto Canada

Download MP3: 'Dot City' - featuring 'Sep'

Behind the Scenes of the 1st shoot, from a sky rise Balcony in downtown Toronto. An Artist in the making...


He's a Prodigy of I AM IN DEMAND.Com and Whole Wheat Brothers Music. This is a view of me on deck as I observe the workings on set, one of the locations was near Dundas Square in Downtown Toronto. We got metric tons of brilliant footage to be edited and I'm hoping my blog readers love this authentic sounding Hip Hop Video (the beat produced by I AM IN DEMAND.COM).


Sep was on Scene...and on point!


Looking over the drawings (because every proper video has a storyline) and these were some of the depictions that were sketched by the Direction Crew. Working with Director Andre Rehal was a pleasure and a learning experience.


This was on (Day 3) of 'Sep's Video "Dot City" in the broken down Toyota Corolla as stated in the actual song itself...so he's showing you his humble beginnings before you can see his eventual growth as it is right now! Watching Sep's humility while on set was a reminder to me of just how sincere I found him to be as a lyricist, this guy always keeps it 100% real!!!


Director Andre Rehal and his crew took shots from the hood of the car & then they took shots from the side with another kind of Cam, always changing the lens for different kinds of wide views. If you look closely (the picture below) at the display screen attached to the camera you can see a shot captured of 'Sep' wearing his hat while in the back seat...lol.


Needless to say...it was long hours...sometimes repetitive, but overall enjoyable, because nothing feels better then the feeling of accomplishment. And after each of the shoots on each of the 3 days we'd all go out like one big family and have a celebratory dinner (Mozel Tov), excited about creating another piece of what will be Toronto's legend.

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Jay said...

Cant wait to see it...its a dope song to! I think I heard it before on the radio to