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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Malcolm X - The Man Martyred on this day *Feb. 21* (1965)

Every year during Black History Month I always hate this particular day just a little bit; because on this very day back in 1965; a bold and gallant leader of the Civil rights struggle was gunned down by assassins bullets. For me he lived in the pages of his autobiography "Malcolm X" by Alex Haley - one of the first books that had changed my life & re-adapted my thinking for years to come. Through his social, political awareness I was made more aware of the world and just how it functions and interrelates racially and within class-systems. I watched the Movie by Spike Lee, and like so many others I was affixed by how daring and bold Malcolm X was, needless to say Actor Denzil Washington played the role of Malcolm brilliantly. I began from there to read other books, about other movements for change and revolution throughout the world. I became more community-centered because of this man, and deep down he was almost like a father figure to me, and one of my greatest examples of black manhood. When reading his words one felt as if they to could say "by any means necessary" just as he had done.

He addressed the frustrations of those times...

"Nobody can give you freedom, nobody can give you equality or justice. If you're a man...you take it" - Malcolm X

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m said...

Thank you for this.
In honour of this day I watched Malcolm X again - I never cease to be moved and amazed by him. It's great to see a post that celebrates him.

Admin: Malik Melech Solomon said...

Thank you, I appreciate the comment...and thanks for visiting this blog. Malcolm was more then just a man; he became a symbol and one of the first black leaders to "internationalize" the struggle while others still thought locally. R.I.P - El Hajj Malik El Shabazz - Malcolm X