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Friday, July 2, 2010

Kanye wears the Egyptian God Horus as Jewelery - I can hear the conspiracy theorists now!

Is Kanye a Freemason? The internet is replete with such theories. Or is he rather a student of the occult sciences brandishing an Ancient Egyptian God around his neck (Horus). Whatever the case, it's sure to have the conspiracy blogs going nuts about Illuminati affiliations. Not to say that these artists whom we regard as simple entertainers aren't adept in matters of history or theology; but I'm not akin to believe that they are satanic or demonic, some of you need to chill.

Now it's safe to assume that these artists are exceedingly wealthy, because music is a very good residual income profession. And with all of this money they may want to take some time out to study the ancient origins of things and immerse themselves in a knowledge that is much deeper and older than the conventional religious doctrines of our day.

If you've got the eye to spot out certain things than you can see that these same personages are trying to re-live the actions of ancient dynastic beings so as to derive a sense of power from them, even if it doesn't actually imbue them with anything mystical from beyond, still...in there own minds they believe that they are just as equally rivaled to those that came before them.

Call it far-fetched if you want to but every time I see Diddy and the 2 singers from Dirty Money; I think of Osiris, and the 2 sisters Isis and Nephthys always being together. If you watch the video below there's a very strong feeling of "Amenta" which is a sort of underworld feeling, the smoke, the formation of a pyramid in lights that you barely see Diddy trying to emerge from , just as Osiris tried to emerge from the underworld. That's what I see from it...lol

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