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Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Submarine was used for Drug Smuggling in Ecuador; millions in Cocaine seized

Apparently this is being called "the first seizure of a clandestinely constructed fully operational submarine built to facilitate Trans-Oceanic Drug Trafficking". It blew my mind when I came across this recent article about a seizure of drugs in Ecuador; and that the capture was the seizure of a submarine capable of transporting millions in cocaine powder.

The war on drugs has just become a little more "war-like" with submarines on the side of the cartels, it's anyone's guess how long they've been cleverly transporting kilos under water undetected. The amount of cocaine moving through the Western Hemisphere Transit Zone in any given calendar year increases from the year before by thousands of metric tons; and I think we can all see how they do it lol.

If the underworld had been running the oil rigs (like the one's responsible for the BP spill recently) they would have probably done a better job at preserving the oil than the corporations we have running the show now. Removals of cocaine loads in transit by interdiction forces remains in the low twenty percent range according to statistics. This is well below the national target of 40 percent, suggesting that there remains much room for continued improvement.

This improvement will have to come in the face of a very bold and undeniable reality; that semi-submersible, low-profile vessels transport drugs for profit, and they do so effectively.

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