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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aliens meeting with humans: Area 51 Documentary

If this footage is real then we have a lot to think about. The documentary includes the famous Alien interview absolved of any audio so as to not implicate the medical personnel caught in the tape. I have to say I didn't think this tape was authentic, but there was this one moment when the medics wiped the alien's mouth and it looked as if the alien hadn't liked that very much and it moved it's mouth a bit, and I just thought that was interesting, not bad for a puppet if that's what we're seeing.

The only person of interest for me was the person named "Victor" who was very guarded but he answered questions the way I would have answered them if I were in his position, I couldn't help but find him intriguing. The part that caught me was when he was asked about the nature of these extra-terrestrial beings and how he didn't seem to think that they were subject to our space-time continuum; that perhaps they were from an alternate reality or dimension like angels or demons would be.

The Shadowy Character known only as Victor interviewed by Art Bell

Part 1 of 8

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