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Monday, November 8, 2010

Movie Review: Eat, Pray, Love (starring Julia Roberts)

I had the chance to watch a movie which I thought was a 'chick flick' at first (not that there's anything wrong with that lol) but upon giving it a chance, I learned that the movie (in theatres now) called Eat, Pray, Love, was really about spirtual transformation. A movie that takes you through one woman's search for her humanity across Italy, India and Indonesia.

Julia Roberts who plays the part of Elizabeth Gilbert; whose marriage and prosperous lifestyle crashed and burned in a grueling divorce, followed by a passionate love affair with a guy named David that ended also in heartbreak. She snaps up the opportunity to fly to Bali to write a story about Yoga vacations. While she's there she meets 'Ketut' a ninth-generation Indonesian medicine man who told her that she worried too much and was desperately in need of something different in her life. Gilbert decided to spend a year abroad — four months each in Italy, India, and Bali. This odyssey was funded by her publisher who was looking forward to seeing what she would write about in this very unusual spiritual pilgrimage.

Italy: Gilbert chose Italy because of the happiness she felt studying Italian. In Rome, she meets Luca Spaghetti, who becomes a friend and introduces her to the pleasures of doing nothing, although she does suffer some Puritan guilt over enjoying the delights of the flesh. Ten days into the trip, Gilbert allows loneliness and depression to bring her down; she plunges into sadness over the end of her affair with David. But her old travel talent for making friends with anybody comes in handy during six weeks of traveling to different Italian cities. She gains 23 pounds, but doesn't allow that to faze her; after all, pleasure must be savored wherever it's found.

India: She then goes to an ashram in a remote rural village in India. There are never more than a few hundred people in residence because the guru is away. Gilbert spends her days in meditation and contemplation. Her work assignment is to scrub the temple floors. Already familiar with the yogic path, Gilbert knows that discontentment, according to Hinduism, is due to our belief that "our limited little egos constitute our entire whole nature." The closer she draws to God, the more she realizes that one of her major obstacles is the inability to let go. Needless to say she goes through a rough time in India before her answers give her inner peace.

Bali: She then goes to the tiny island of Bali for the final leg of her spiritual odyssey. She wants to find some balance between worldly pleasure (Italy) and spiritual devotion (India) — quite a tricky feat and especially hard for Americans who usually swing between extremes. "The Balinese are global masters of balance," she writes, "the people for whom the maintenance of perfect equilibrium is an art, a science and a religion." She reconnects with Ketut, the medicine man she met two years earlier, and they develop a fine relationship. Gilbert also meets a medicine woman who proves to be a very important person in her own emotional education. It was this part in the movie that captured me most intently. The Medicine woman and her daughter were very good healers and herbalists, but they were working out of very poor conditions. Near the end of the movie Gilbert helps fund-raise some money in an effort to secure them a better home, from the very moment the medicine woman realizes that she's been blessed she utters "Now I can help even more people". I swear I wanted to friggen cry...lmao...yes it was beautiful to me.

Don't be a punk...go watch the movie...lol

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