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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There are none more enslaved then those who think they're free but are not.

News Flash: Canada is a corporation (the actual country itself) is TRADED in the US Stock Exchange and is registered as a corporation with an address for it's registry in Washington DC. The business address for this corporate number is Canada's own Embassy located at 1746 Massachusetts Ave in Washington, DC. This corporation called CANADA borrows money at interest from the IMF, the world bank and other institutions and even borrows money from the future (which is quite ingenious) which it does by accumulating the estimated earning value of your potential over a lifetime. This corporation doesn't only borrow money using your name, but it makes a profit using what is called "your person" (the identity given to you from birth).

Canada’s Corporate number is: 0000230098.

What does this all mean?

Well for starters it means that the words 'country and nation' are words that don't mean what you think they mean in the dictionary, and that those specific words have entirely different meanings to the people who are governing the masses. Most "citizens" are completely oblivious of the history that has rendered Canada divided for the last 200 years, and many of them are not only blind to the history, their blind RIGHT NOW to the facts that produce the current day symptoms.

I should take this time to differentiate between a Citizen and a Sovereign person. A "citizen" is a subject of the state, a subject of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of the House of Windsor. A Sovereign person is a "FREEMAN" who is not subjected to the state and was bestowed those rights under the Magna Carta (an English charter that was passed into law in the year 1225) which explicitly states that no "freeman" can be punished except through the law of the land, a right which is still in existence today.

One day inevitably you'll be brought into the court system and you'll have to face "statutory charges" of some kind levied upon you by the crown. You'll be prosecuted by crown paid prosecutors, you'll probably hire a crown paid defender to defend you, and you'll be adjudicated by a crown paid judge. Sadly most 'citizens' can't see the conflict of interest with that picture.

A Little Canadian History: There was a signing of documents in 1867 and some other signings in 1931 by Great Britain that did not comply with International requirements, for International Sovereignty agreements of Common Contract Law of the Land. This could also be why 'CANADA' has never been able to honor any of the land agreements that it enters into with the Aboriginal peoples. Alot of people don't know this, but Canada is in a precarious position with the "province" of Quebec over this same issue of land; because apparently Quebec had maintained her status as a country/nation long before the 1867 documents were ever signed. Quebec right now operates under 'Civil Law' and the perception is that the rest of Canada is acting under 'Common Law'. This is all due to the entanglements in negotiations between the two, and this schism was caused because of infractions in the law that demoted Quebec from the nationhood that it already had before.

The people are essentially unaware of something that's called "International Sovereign Common Law."

Let's face it, the common every day person doesn't even know the 4 basic rules that render a contract legal let alone something as hefty as International Sovereign Common Law. The citizens of Canada have been virtually lied to for so many years, that it is difficult to recognise the truth, even if it's starring them right in the face. I've only got to look at the elections to see that they fail at acquiring a majority vote, which means that the system is dead. Ok. I'll jump off my soap-box...and I'll give you guys some HARD FACTS. Underneath the headdress of ceremonial custom, Canada is a corporate entity posing as a government in Ottawa.

Definition of the word Country: any considerable territory demarcated by specific conditions; region or district, Mountainous country. 2. the territory of a nation. 3. a state. 4. the people of a district, state or nation. 5. the public. 6. Law. the public at large, as represented by jury. 7. the land of ones birth or citizenship. 8. rural districts as opposing to city or towns. 9. go to the country, 10. of the country rural, country road, 11. rude unpolished, rustic. country manners, 12 of a country, 13. Dial. of one’s own country. Country club, country cousin, country dance, countrified, country folks, country gentleman, country house, country man, country seat, country side, country woman. These are the variations that leave no doubt as to what the meaning of the word (Country) means.

Definition of the word Nation: 1, a body of people associated with a particular territory that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to seek or to possess a government particular its own. 2. the territory or country itself. 3. a member tribe of an Indian confederation. 4. an aggregation of persons of the same ethnic family, often speaking the same language or cognate language. These are the variations that leave no doubt as to what the meaning of the word (Nation) means.

But NONE of what you read above applies to Canada, because Canada is a corporation and not a country/nation, and this is what the politicians in Ottawa do not want you to know. THIS IS THE PART WHERE YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION: If Canada is a corporation and is not a government than it is not ruled by "sovereign common law of the land" and by jury as required in the definitions above. When a country becomes a corporation it is ruled by the commercial rule of the sea, which is called "Admiralty Law." <<-- That's something you guys can study, should any of this interest you further.

My conclusion: Sometimes I think these old timers (politicians) still think they're dealing with uneducated slaves and trusting indigenous people. Those same old tricks are not going to keep working over and over again. While the masses are awakening, the deceivers are counting on the people to not have the testicular fortitude necessary to take what they've learned and become vocal about it. Now I know that I spouted some legal terms and definitions today, and I'll be the first to admit that I'm no lawyer, but I am learning about my inalienable rights, and there's one thing that I do know about the law; that anyone who practices it for a fee is NOT to be trusted lol. I also know that every single one of you was sold into indentured servitude the moment you were registered at birth with a birth certificate which is deceitfully named, instead of it being called what it truly is which is a security bond and that you confirm your own servitude over and over again every time you apply for any license.

The problem isn’t JUST the governments or the corporate thieves or the Queen of England, it's the willful ignorance of the people within commonwealth countries. Why do you think the greatest genocide to ever hit this planet was against native peoples everywhere? Because they were afraid of what they might make us realize about our machine. You've probably never stopped to wonder why they put them all in “reserves”. It's because most of them know what is going on and they are their own nation and to keep them from infecting the rest of the population with reality, the government and its lackeys quarantine the sovereign.

It’s all a show. It’s monopoly, the game. The world is a stage and you are nothing but a number, an actor, a slave. The people running the show consider you “Human resources” at best. They consider you mere livestock. You are a farm animal in the biggest scheme humankind has ever blinded itself from. Realize reality because no one is going to do it for you. The doctrine of corruption has become our psychological master, and they just want you to think that you are sovereign so you don’t get in their way. The system is skewed, kinda like when they sell you a pack of 8 hot dog wieners and the bread always comes in a set of 12 buns lol, how's that for choice?

Suggested Reading: Nobody ever committed suicide while reading a good book, so read one!

"Whoever owns the soil, owns all the way to the heavens and to the depths of the earth." - Old Latin maxim and Roman expression

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