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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wally Wallington: and the forgotten technology of times past

Via: The Forgotten Technology.com

Wally Wallington is a retired construction worker from Lapeer County, Michigan who demonstrated a method for a person to construct a Stonehenge-like structure using only materials and techniques that do not rely on any modern technology. He has demonstrated this technique on the Canadian science television program Daily Planet.

Using a walnut-sized rock as a pivot, he can show how a single man can move a stone that outweighs a car. Using the same method, he moved his son's barn. And using similarly simple yet effective methods, he has shown that a single man, with no modern tools, or even rope, could, with enough time, erect a monument like Stonehenge. His techniques are comparable to the techniques employed by Edward Leedskalnin when he single-handedly constructed his massive Coral Castle in Florida.

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