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Monday, November 1, 2010

You don't have to be High-Society to look like High Fashion

Retail Source: DeadStock.ca

Above: is a picture of the "VANS CHUKKA BUCKLEBACK LX BLACK"

Fashion is one of my *hearts* (and yes, I have many hearts/loves). It's been awhile since I've blogged repeatedly and that's because I've been immersed in things more important (and that's not to say that fashion isn't important to me, because fashion is beauty and "fine lines" and intricate craftsmanship, all of the things I love). Although lately I've been studying more about "health and natural living" and I'll be blogging about some of those inspirations in the near future (my computer has had a virus that I'm trying to get rid of...lol).

So in the meantime; I'm gonna share some of my fashionable loves with you...

1. Nike NSW 2010 Fall Apparel

Nike sneakers, sure, but I'm not always the biggest fan when it comes to Nike clothing. This jacket though is bad-ass, and it has that storm-trooper kind of look; laser cut seams, a bonded construction all throughout so you know this jacket will keep you warm and dry. The technical and aesthetic design is what I always look for in my recommendations to you guys, and this is both intricate and fashionably simple. Hit the link above for more pics of this piece.

2. Converse Chuck Taylor Outsider Boot X Woolrich

I can personally testify from last season's line that Converse makes a really dope pair of boots that can look dressy depending on what you wear, and they can be rugged as well if you want them to be. The smooth leather feel, and the laces give it this military kind of look without looking too monstrously huge, with a nice tweed 3 quarter length over coat you can wear these boots and pull off a really cool look.

This season

Last season (still available)

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