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Saturday, December 18, 2010

TRON: A Good Special Effects Movie (with deeper meanings in it for me)

As I walked into what was called the Ultra AVX (Audio Visual Experience) theatre for the TRON movie opening, I couldn't help but overhear people asking there significant others "what's Tron anyway?". Naturally the original Tron movie hasn't been seen for awhile and would only be remembered by the people who were fans of it in the 80's.



TRON: to me...was about learning how to PLAY THE GAME to save your life and escape the encroaching shadow of a Global Terror Grid, I smiled as each layer of subliminal meaning kept jumping out at me in 3D quality images. Disney is one of 6 major corporations that set the trends of what social perception is and will be, and TRON was it's most epic movie to date. 27 yrs later Disney releases an updated version of TRON, as the world really is becoming unified by a Smart Grid Technology (the actors in the movie jokingly talk about the creation of Wifi and about how the internet was actually created a long time ago lol). In the 80's it was too far fetched an idea for some, and even now people are still asking...What is Tron?

Go see it...

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