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Friday, January 7, 2011

An unconscious trust in doctors & dentists may be just as harmful as putting a gun to your head

1. Aspartame: A few facts about a substance that you ingest frequently...

I'm blogging about this because I was relegated to buying these old school mints sold in a tin once, because of how aspartame was in every chewable tablet and package of gum sold in stores. "Aspartame" which is in sugar sweeteners & most likely in your favorite soda contains 3 poisons; methanol, aspartic acid & phenylalanine.

Methanol (causes gradual blindness), Aspartic acid causes brain dysfunction & Phenylalanine is known to cause trauma, so remember that when your drinking your favorite soda. I shrink in my seat when I see parents allowing there children to drink Soda at an early age. The dietary consumption of aspartame when taken by a 2 year old child weighing approximately 12 kg consumes 17 mg/kg from drinking one 12-oz can of diet soda.

If you should leave that Soda sitting on the shelf for awhile, the aspartame breaks down into other toxic by-products, formaldehyde, formic acid & aspartylphenylalanine diketopiperazine. You can be sure that this is not what I'll be drinking with my fries and my burger.

If you can avoid it: Never use any chemical sweeteners at all, but merely use natural sugars or learn to adjust to the natural sweetness of raw foods themselves. Think about what I've written long and hard: Aspartame was discovered as an ulcer drug, not a sweetener. So every diet drink you've ever consumed was a small dose of medication.


2. Fluoride: A few facts about a substance that you ingest frequently...

Though you may not ingest toothpaste, you probably drink or have drank tap water, and fluoride is in both. Consider that Sodium Fluoride itself is Rat-Poison. The most important environmental factor is aluminium fluoride. Aluminium is present in drinking water and fluoride is present in tea, toothpaste, etc. These chemicals are not so harmful by themselves but, when combined, they mimic g-phosphate at its transition state in Ga protein and is therefore able to inhibit its GTPase activity and results in dementia. For example, boiling fluoridated tap water in an aluminium pan extracts almost 200 ppm (about 2mg/litre) of aluminium into the water in about 10 minutes. Reaching a high of 600ppm occurs with prolonged boiling.

Different releases of aluminium depend upon the composition of the pan and the type of food being cooked — sour food leaches more aluminium compared to non-sour food. The simplest daily routine such as the wrapping and baking of our food in aluminium (such as tomato and lemon) is another way of bringing ourselves to dementia. Daily routines such as baking fish along with tomato and lemon wrapped in aluminium foil makes the food more hazardous. You are inducing neuro-toxins such as aluminium fluoride in the system

Fluoride is one of the most toxic ionic molecules outside of potassium dichromate, and it's even in bottled water & in anti-depressant medication. The reason why Fluoride is in anti-depressant medicine is because it lowers natural aggressive responses and lowers motivation in people. Federal studies have linked Fluoride to a myriad of biological problems, bone cancer & liver cancer in the tests done on rats.

What you can do about it: if your the type of person who after getting knowledge changes there life, then take heed to what I'm writing. There are brands of natural toothpaste that don't use Fluoride, and you can install a reasonably priced water filtration system in your house.

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