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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Cover of Rolling Stone: Wiz Khalifa - The Eye of Horus and the illuminati in Music

Hip Hop has never been shy; it's always been defiantly bold and recklessly youthful. It's addressed some of the more less favorable topics of our day. Hip Hop's been homophobic, it's been sympathetic to conspiracy theories, exhibited stages of black militancy and even gross materialistic misogynist lyrics.

And guess what...despite all of that, I love Hip Hop...lol. Maybe because there's a little bit of that in all of us...and depending on your preference you'll pick and chose the Hip Hop that best suits you. For me...it's Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z, Nas, Kanye, and occasionally Wiz Khalifa (and I dont even smoke weed).

On the cover of Rolling Stone is today's rookie of the year: Wiz Khalifa

Some of my friends are like "heh look he's been inducted into the illuminati because he's winking with 'one eye' open". Regardless of what eye he has open, one thing is for certain...both eyes of the masses remain shut. This idea that the Illuminati and rap have an alliance is a clever marketing scheme that engenders controversy and keeps you all talking. I've witnessed how rappers themselves are playing into the frenzy by using certain images and saying certain things that will infuriate a response from the ultra right wing of religion.

To be honest...who cares what rappers join Masonry.

Nothing done in the secret is worse then what is already happening in the open. North African and the middle eastern regimes are bieng toppled as I write this. The destabilizing of so called rogue governments is but the beginning of things to come, and all you'll find people talking about is whether Wiz Khalifa has his right eye open or his left eye...lol. I think they got us where they want us...lol

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Miles Moore said...

Freemasonry>Illumanti. The second one dosent even exist and when it did it was NOTHING any of your "fatcs" pointed out. Hip-Hop is using an illusion to market and artists are making fun of it. Get your shit straight, I'm 18 years old and I'm tired of my generation consisting of idiots who belive dumb shit like this.

Anonymous said...

Got you talking...lol

Anonymous said...

miles moore is now 19, and still an idiot.