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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Heart Goes out to the people of Japan: Victims of the HAARP Weapon

There is a weapon called HAARP constructed by the US Navy and Army in Alaska's bush country during the early 80s, the Pentagon's widely acknowledged high-tech "sky zapper" also can rattle the earth's substructure (earthquakes). But while the Defense Department acknowledges the program's existence, officials are keeping the "pandora's box" that is HAARP--High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program--classified. Nonetheless, some remarkably eerie circumstantial evidence keeps compiling from many diverse and reputable sources.

It is my belief that this weapon perpetrated humankind's deadliest terrorist attack on Japan recently. In 1996, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation telecast reported the US Defense Department was then in the initial stages of developing "geophysical warfare"; YouTube.com now hosts the broadcast in two parts, excerpted below.

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