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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jon Stewart Vs Pat O'Reilly - Pat's Generation (people who think like him) need to die off

I like how Jon Stewart went in. Jon Stewart makes Malcolm X look like Bryant Gumble lol. This generation of hard line journalists (like Pat O'Reilly) who think they can scare "the modern day black man into behaving as he once did, scared and timid of white supremacist hierarchical thinking, had to go up against another white man whose thinking is not of that generation and in the end he said "Booyah" in his face.

This idea that Rapper Common appearing at the white house in some way besmirches the sanctity of a house where assassinations of heads of state were ordered, where governments and nations have been bombed at the executive order of many presidents; this notion on the part of Pat O'Reilly is absurd.

Jon Stewart: "Why are you drawing the line at Common? there is a selective outrage machine here at Fox that petty-fogs only when it suits the narrative that suits them. This guy is in the cross hairs in a way that he shouldn't be, whether you agree with him or not and you may think he's ignorant in believing that Assata Shakur is innocent, or that Mumia is innocent, but then guess what...Bono can't go to the White House, Springsteen can't go to the White House, Bob Dylan can't go to the White House...you'll have a lot of people who aren't allowed to go to the White House because they've written songs about people convicted of murder"

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