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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Killed, is it a Victory for Obama's Administration? lol

In recent news we've seen the beautification of the pope John Paul II, the wedding of Kate & William, and the death of Osama Bin Laden. All 3 of these stories are what the media machine does well...Diversion, Distraction, and Division!

Divert and Distract your attention from: THE ECONOMY, The fact that oil is running out, The war in Afghanistan, the Occupation in Iraq, The War in Libya, The toppling of governments in North Africa and the middle east just to name a few. The fact that Obama is seeking a re-election and that it's come down to either him or Donald Trump which is itself a sign that American politics is deplorably laughable. I even hear people saying...now that Obama got Osama...Donald's been Trumped (I swear I've never seen human beings in this state of sheepish sleep before) whatever the masses are drinking...there drunk off of it for good.

Apparently, according to there intelligence findings they knew where Osama Bin Laden has been since last August ... I wonder what else they know ? They waited until he crossed over into Pakistan again, where he lodged at some Mansion (some networks called it a Villa) where they decided to finally put an end to his life (and the sheep go crazy, celebrating in the streets holding American flags and bouncing beach balls in front of the White House).

News Networks immediately started "fear mongering" with statements like "Will there be any retaliation by the Terrorists?" and you've gotta admit the Public Relations spin on world events is unrivaled when they conveniently find facts like Hitler was announced dead on May 1st 1945 and Osama was announced dead on May 1st 2011...THIS IS WHERE YOUR SUPPOSED TO GET CHILLS GOING DOWN YOUR SPINE because of this correlation.

Osama bin Laden Was the Most Wanted Face of Terrorism...he is a son of the Saudi elite, a billionaire made rich by the Gas we all pumped into our cars...yet no war on Saudi Arabia was ever waged after 911 happened...they mis-directed that anger to Iraq instead...WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION Remember? We've yet to find those...lol...and I would respectfully say that they had kept Osama Bin Laden alive in order to keep up the justification for the war on terror...a war with no end in sight. Kinda like the war on Drugs...which has no end in sight.

Everyone says CONFIRMED!!! OSAMA IS DEAD!!!

Has anyone seen pictures of the body? Details of the Forensic study that would ACTUALLY confirm this...

Suppose they still have him alive somewhere...wouldn't that be something to think about...all of you jumping for joy, bouncing beach balls, waving flags...CELEBRATING with little to no proof of anything at all...lol

All you've got is what the news tells you....

I guess for some that's good enough....

Donald Trump asks Obama for his birth certificate and he responded with Osama's death certificate...lol

America has spent over 200 million dollars on "special ops" looking for Osama. The most powerful military in the world struggled for 10 years to find a man who hid in mountains...only for him to surface one day in a Pakistani mansion outside Islamabad.

Like Seriously??? Yeah...the sheeple/people eat this up...

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