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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The intimacy that people have with food is a ball and chain.

"Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food" - Hippocrates

I used to be a vegetarian, a few years ago, and the lifestyle change lasted for about 7 months. I attempted many times since, trying, failing and trying again. Instinctively I knew that food was what kept us alive longer or checked us out sooner. So like any novice in a field unfamiliar, I struggled, and my discipline with food took me on a journey through extremely restricted diets, marathon fasts and years of studying under natural healers (and not all of them were good teachers).

All of what I had to endure has helped me to NOW see food as medicine. This frame of mind frees me from most food addictions. So I'm not at all tempted when sitting in restaurants with friends eating burgers, steaks or triple chocolate cake. In fact, now I feel as if I'm Neo in the Matrix, as he's walking among the masses who are all doing the same thing, and you'll experience this feeling of "being in the world, but not being of it".

Changing the psychology of a person's relationship with food is very complex. I have observed a highly guarded level of intimacy people often have with food. The mere mention of removing certain foods from their diet is taken with great offense, denial or flat out refusal. Especially if the person is perceivably healthy, I'd understand there resistance to remove favorite foods from there diet...when by all accounts they look amazing.

None are more baffling to me then those who are sick, on medication for the rest of their lives, confined to a bed and still refusing to change their diets, it confounds me. Worse then those people even are the one's in total denial: those who believe that taking these lifetime meds means they've solved there health problem.

On the other side of the spectrum there are those few who walked away from a life-threatening disease by switching to a vegan diet. There are so many success stories. Did you know that after his heart surgery Former President, Bill Clinton became a vegan to improve his health? He's lost weight and looks healthier than he did when he was in office. Check it out for yourself on youtube (Bill Clinton became a vegan).

There is a cure for everything that afflicts us, just know that food is a huge part of it. Just know that there are good teachers and healers who are successfully producing results that would astound you, and know above all that it cannot be done without a transformation of the mind, and a negation of the habits indoctrinated into us almost from birth.

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