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Friday, July 8, 2011

"The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know." - President Harry Truman

This is not legal advice, but this is something I've learned...

Most people are not even remotely aware that you can literally fire the government and become a non-resident existing outside the jurisdiction of municipal, provincial and federal governments.

This is not a new concept, it's a lawful resident status that's called "free man on the land" and it was around at the start of the new world and it can be found in written history when the United States of America declared independence from England and shortly there after lost it when the sovereign man traded his sovereignty for citizenship in the new found British corporation called The UNITED STATES of AMERICA in 1868 ( and it changed by way of Capitis Diminutio Maxima: when a name is in ALL CAPITAL Letters). This happened in Canada to, and just about all common wealth countries. On the other hand, free men have existed on and off for well over a thousand years in England and a long time ago in Germany among other countries.

To obtain this status (in any of the common wealth countries across the globe) you will have to get what's called a Notice of Intent and Understanding, and a Claim of Right. With these documents obtained from a Public Notary; you can essentially deny your consent and revoke registrations, applications and licenses that were forged between "the person" (which you think is you) and the government. Once this is done you will exist free of government control and statutory restraints, in some cases, not without a small struggle and a lot of study.

The house of commons in Canada acknowledging someones Free Man Status!

Keep in mind...that this is a removal from government assistance, programs and services. But...all of these "services" are "benefits" that are given to you in exchange for something else...your rights!!! And your rights are much more lucrative to you in your possession. If the government acts as your fiduciary or guarantor, then you'll always be a peon, a serf or a vassal. Knowing the difference between rights and benefits is the difference between free and bond.

When you receive these benefits, you are essentially looked upon as a child of the state, like a baby you are someone the government needs to take care of, and they take care of you (and every other "citizen") by using a bond certificate which was issued on the day you were born (your birth certificate). This bond certificate number is on the back of your birth certificate (the red numbers on your card) and it's representative of a share in a corporation called "Canada" and it grows in interest. The estimated value of this bond is apx 10 million dollars.

"When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it".

- Winnie the Pooh

I want to dispell some of the myths about what a Free Man can and cannot enjoy...

In my opinion;

1) Health Care, Freemen still fall under the humanitarian obligation to render aid to all people who are ailing and are sick.

2) They can operate a motor vehicle (so long as it's not for commercial use) they can do so without a registered license and can obtain an alternate form of insurance. Roads are paid for through fuel taxes, which would be paid at the time of fuel purchase, so the freeman pays for the maintenance of roads like everyone else.

3) No Social services or welfare is provided to a freeman.

4) Education is at the cost of the freeman (such as private school) although many of them have been able to exact funds from the bond certificate to pay for there school loans etc.

5) Legal Aid is not available to the Freeman, but many people in middle class society can't qualify for it either lol.

6) Labour relations, Health Inspections, Work Safe environments are Business corporate responsibilities and not the freeman's responsibility. He/She is entitled to these basic rights also.

7) Fire, Police, Water Sanitation/Sewer and other municipal functions are paid for by property tax, If the freeman owns property he would pay through those taxes.

8) Canada Pension, Employment Insurance are Insurance programs paid for by the worker/Employer. If the freeman works and pays into these programs from his wages, then he would have a lawful claim to collect as well.

End Note: By law (I'd say by force lol) Income tax is deducted by businesses complying with government requirements for each employee. Whether your a freeman or not, a worker is going to pay those taxes. By law, GST/HST/PST is collected by businesses at the point of sale, so those taxes whether by a freeman or not are gonna get paid out. Government has structured it's collection and protection racket around corporate compliance. The tax collectors of modern society are businesses themselves and there collection agents are everywhere. Whether an individual can appeal to common law and override corporate (maritime) law is irrelevant. Government through it's corporate tax collectors will get its pound of flesh. The free man, like Neo in the matrix, contracts in and out of the system whenever appropriate. He does this by learning forms, legal terms, studying bills etc. A freeman understands when and when not to sign on a piece of paper, and he uses this discretion to his advantage.

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