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Monday, March 15, 2010

NEW MUSIC: Frank Ramz – Frankenstein | Mixtape

Via: reupspot.com

Frank Ramz's Mixtape, entitled: Frankenstein

This has been a highly anticipated, long awaited for Mixtape (because everything this guy gets on I wanna listen to). He's an MC named Frank Ramz from the Bronx, whose previous work had floored me just when I had begun to turn my ears away from most Rap Music.

I wanted to listen to the tracks before posting as other blogs had already done; so that way I could give you all the run-down on what I actually liked. First off: this mixtape differs from his previous projects because naturally this mixtape is called Frankenstein (it's the inner monster, the beast within, meant to be the more aggressive and tenacious side of Frank Ramz).

Tracks that I liked right away were: The Terrorist, Quick Strike, Monster Bash, More Sober Thoughts, Dope $#!T’ (and especially ‘Give Me Room’ mainly because he shouts me out at the end of the song, and for the record Ramz (if your reading this) the support is always there brotha, just keep making dope music.

About this project he had this to say:

"This tape was basically done in one day, just me letting out a side of me that I usually keep hidden. Me talking a whole lot of sh*t!! But I definitely had fun making it and I hope you all enjoy this. BIG SHOUT OUT to my brother Vick from Reupspot.com for helping me put this one together!

*Frankly Speaking...* & *Quite Frankly...* are coming soon...don't worry, they won't be anything like this. This is like an appetizer and those 2 projects will be the main courses"


1. Frankenstein Intro
2. Practice Run
3. Turbulence
4. Heaven Sent
5. What It’s Hitting Like
6. The Terrorist
7. Monster Bash
8. More Sober Thoughts
9. Juiced Up!
10. Dope $#!T
11. Give Me Room
12. Quick Strike (Extended Version)
13. 150%
14. Get Right To It

DOWNLOAD: Frank Ramz – Frankenstein | Mixtape

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Jeff said...

Dope Tape...thanks!

Farad said...

Nice tape, and the link for the previous download of his was awesome, thanks for the music!

Hakeem Allah said...

This Frank dude is a monster

Melissa said...


Philippe said...

Cest Bon!