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Friday, April 16, 2010

One of the greatest social evolutionary accidents: The Black Panther Party for Self Defense

In this world it's not enough that people have to claw there way to scratch out a living; but now you've got to fight even for your own mind. Believe me when I say to you that the mind is the new real estate of this millennium. The powers that be have already bought up every square inch of this planet; and the only thing left for them to acquire is the privacy in the space of your own mind, and they want that to!

Every attempt at consciousness has been stomped under the boot heels of repression, all attempts at magnetizing the people with a program is always seen as a threat to the established social order; which we all know (deep down in our souls) is currently unjust, unfair, and not equal for all men.

I read the paper, and I watch the news and I observe social conditions and I'm a witness to the changes that are intensifying (right now). Gross inequalities exist more now in certain ways then they did in decades past. I am aware of the impending social, political and economic calamity; the likes of which has never been seen before in history.

When this sudden calamity comes I fear that the people, the common every day citizen will have been too nullified in there abilities to be a survivor. All but a few will have had the sense and the foresight to save there own skins. I put these videos up detailing the history of the Black Panthers; because to me that movement was one of the greatest experiments for social change within a capitalist system.

Perhaps again when the financial markets fail (as they did during the great depression) and when the people get hip to how unjust the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are, and when they start realizing that there lives are miserable because banksters rule unjustly; perhaps then...we will see another social evolutionary accident happen.

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