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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

REST IN PEACE - Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal (GURU of Gang Starr)


I came by way of this news through DJ PREMIER'S BLOG, and I just wanna say for the record (R.I.P. to Guru and L.I.P. (Live in Peace) to DJ Premier, because if it weren't for those two men the Hip Hop/Jazz Genre may never have rose to the heights that it did in the mid 80's and that birthed the jazz influences in hip hop throughout the 90's.

Many of the legendary groups that dominated 90's Hip Hop had fall outs and differences of opinion, it was the trend of a changing music industry where some would say it went from great music to worse; and the politics that strangled rap music evidently did the same to the group that so many loved called Gang Starr. I look at these occurrences in music not with sadness but with an awakened optimism; for they are the lessons left for me to learn, and Guru was and is the right kind of example to learn from.

Th scandal that's ensued between the various parties all vying for control of who get's to handle Guru's affairs is the right of no one else but Guru (who made a choice by choosing that person to be his 7 year friend and producer Solar, probably his right of attorney in all legal matters). I respect Guru's decision, but I don't respect all of Solar's decisions to date. I applaud DJ Premier for posting up the information that has informed fans even if the official letter written by Guru's hand doesn't speak that favorably of DJ Premier (it shows class and respect on his part).

There has been a lot of confusion as to how Guru would have been able to write a letter given his condition at the time of Guru's final statement (some even suspect malicious tampering and manipulation by his current producer Solar). Regardless of whatever version of the story you want to ascribe to, one thing is for certain, Guru is now freed from the suffering that came as a result of the Cancer that he contracted; and for that at least his fans are grateful. May his music live in the hearts and minds of those who truly honored his style of Hip Hop, and maybe because of him in some small way Hip Hop is still not dead. I will endeavor to do my part to keep it alive also through the works of my movement I AM IN DEMAND.COM.

Gang Starr - 'Words I Manifest'

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