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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Power of Breathing: Eastern Mystics call it "Chi" or Pranayama (Energy)

A Link to: Pranayama

So long as we continue to view things through our own behavioral and cultural lens, we will always withhold from ourselves a knowledge that could be attained from other cultures more ancient than our own. In order for this to happen we have to remove certain stereotypes from our minds, and root out the deeper meanings without passing a judgment. Information like the kind you are about to see was common knowledge to humans once upon a time, but now it's been all but virtually forgotten by the majority of people.

The man in the video below is a wise teacher; his name is Swami Sundaranand and he is one of the last great hard-core Yogis who lives in Gangotri (in the Himalayas) on the Sacred River Ganges. To meet with this man you would have to seek him out, and when watching this video I could tell that he speaks to many foreigners; judging by his basic command of the English language. This video is the first stage of a practice called Pranayama (the power of your being is realized when you are taught the correct breathing and posturing techniques).

What this man is saying is very real but can only be understood through practice, and it's very easy to go a whole lifetime without an "eye opening" experience. Social dogma and monotonous religious conditioning have done a good job at keeping people from their potential. Get past the man's accent and his funny looking garb and really try to listen, and you will have taken a significant step towards enlightenment and self improvement.

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