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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Spotlight is On Singer Jhené’ Aiko: July feat Drake

Jhené’ Aiko: On Twitter

I've been so busy lately...that I'm behind on what's getting leaked these days.

Well I've heard of Jhene Aiko before, she's an American pop/R&b singer. She was formerly signed to Epic Records, home to Marques Houston and Omarion, she did some work for awhile and then took a hiatus. There hasn't been any music from her since 2006. Some say she went to school (I say: good for her) because this music business isn't always very promising. It might surprise you to know that this young woman has worked on quite a few projects; her songs have been featured on the soundtracks of Barbershop, The Master of Disguise, and 'You Got Served'.

This song by Jhené’ Aiko is called “July” and it features Canada's very own Drizzy Drake (before he was called 'Drizzy'). This song was made back in 2007 and will not be on Drake's upcoming debut Thank Me Later (I think alot of people thought this was an album leak because of the key signature rhyme style that Drake adopted, in and around that same time period which mirrors the flow that he uses now). The song was supposed to be featured in a movie soundtrack that never got released. And like any other leak it's spilled weeks before an impending Drake Buzz, how convienantly strategic for whomever it's meant to benefit (probably Jhene in this case). Nonetheless, it's a decent song, and it shows me just how resourceful Drake was (and still is) in reaching out to International counterparts in the music biz.

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