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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Most Improved Right Now: Richie Sosa “The Never Ending Beginning”

Richie Sosa on Twitter

I'm not the one to post music right away, so you can frequent any one of your other favorite blogs for all of the up to date (on the second, every second) viral content. I prefer to actually listen to the artists I've taken notice of over the years and STUDY there growth and development. Apparently it's been 2 and a half years since anyone's gotten a mixtape from Toronto's Richie Sosa (and let's keep it real, there's more to life than rap music sometimes, the dude just had a baby, congrats!!!).

THIS FUCKING MIXTAPE THOUGH IS FIRE; and i'll tell the god when I see him personally that this tape's been in my whip since my boy handed me a copy. Good beat selection, and the mixtape is a comfortable 45 mins or so long (never skipped a song once) so it was crafted just right in my opinion in terms of length.

Download: Richie Sosa “The Never Ending Beginning”

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