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Monday, September 5, 2011

Ancient Astronaut Theory or God's Pantheon of divine beings who administer the Cosmos?

The Ancient Astronaut theorists have compiled a wonderful tapestry of questions (and not many answers). All of these questions steeped in the most ancient of mysterious; and they've attributed the origin of these mysteries to nothing other than extraterrestrials from either another planet or another dimension. If this sounds a little far-fetched to you, your not alone, because like most people you've relegated these mysteries as unsolvable, or you've left such questions answerable only by those who are into Archeology.

The Ancient Astronaut theorists delve into the mysteries of these ancient architectural achievements, but they don't do it using science alone like Archaeologists do; there using sacred religious texts and the stories from legends and myths to give them justifiable weight in the arena of public opinion. Now how does that make their theories justifiable truth? It's safe to say that there are still greater numbers of adherents to religion than there are adherents to science, no matter how secular our world has gotten. Ancient Astronaut theory in my opinion strikes the sheppard to scatter the sheep. Sheep who have already begun to question their faith in God, and now they can find something more physical to latch on to, an alien being (the Annunaki) who according to Sumerian text descended from the heavens and gave primitive man a head start on civilization.

Daniel 4:17: "This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men."

To me...Ancient Astronaut Theory uses passages like the one shown above from the Bible to support it's theories. I can already see how religion will combat these claims by simply claiming that these extraterrestrial beings are themselves either demons or angels, working within the divine council or hierarchy of God. Religious ideologues will always be able to say that God created the alien even if the alien tampered with man, and to that there will be no defence until of course an alien ship lands down on this planet declaring to all who would believe that they are in fact the gods that we have always believed in. Until then this entire discussion about whether it was Aliens or God is all conjecture and fanciful story-telling at best.

The Mayan Ruler Palenque, said to be flying inside a space craft?!?
You decide...

I will say this about ancient astronaut theory, I do love how it challenges earth's timeline of history, how it digs to find evidence that debunks long held claims in both Archeology and History (that the Pyramid of Giza was a tomb, which I don't happen to believe is true). Our textbooks on history are an out-dated propaganda and there are so many loose ends that have been considered legitimate means to an end. So in my opinion it's healthy to inject good questioning into the debates that have long had it's doors closed by orthodoxy. The findings at Puma Punku we're amazing. The precision stone cutting abilities of the Inca found at Puma Punku merit more investigation. The painting by artist Carlo Crivelli in the year 1486 entitled "The Annunciation" was a remarkable old world illustration of a UFO. The Piri Reis Map caught my attention also (not because I thought aliens gave them the aerial precision with which to make such a map) but because I've always thought that man was smarter than the current timeline of history would give him credit for.

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