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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ouroboric Art: has something to do with "Occultation"

This is an old knocker on an even older door in a street called Le Vieux-Mans in France. It was a picture sent to me by a friend who lives there and he knew that I'd take an interest in it. It's from a remote district on a Gallo-Roman wall in the area. I've always known about the "Oroborus" symbol and it has deep (long forgotten) meanings.

An Ouroboros is a drawing of a snake or a dragon-snake which bites it's own tail. It's etymological root can be found in the old Greek ουροβοροs, which was later latinized and spelled as "uroborus" which also means "that which bites the tail".

The early christians saw the ouroboros as a symbol of cyclic time and continuity of life. In alchemy, the ouroboros was seen as a purifying seal. It symbolized the eternal unit of all things, the incarnating cycle of life (birth) and death.

But it has a much much deeper meaning and history...

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